Proper lighting makes a huge difference in your home interiors. Pleasing light, that you can properly control to get the look and feel you want, is as important as the furniture. That’s because it directly affects your mood. We cringe when we see a lovely living room with blaring bulbs protruding from homely downlight fixtures. That’s why we’re enamored with DMF. Their award-winning DID Series downlights were designed for you and your home as you live in it today.

DMF’s integrated driver (light bulb in LED-speak) was designed in-house to ensure compatibility with every popular control system like Control4. This is important because LEDs don’t always properly illuminate, dim and act properly.

Equally important, DMF is a modular system, with round, square, 2”, 3” and 4” sizes and numerous finishing and fittings. This enables us to make your lighting and ceiling speakers match for a professional and pleasing finish. Let’s make your ceiling work properly – your eyes and your mood will thank you.

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