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Our people and the services we provide define our firm. We take pride in delivering a first class client experience.

Who We Are

For more than 30 years, LP Custom Solutions has driven the home and office automation industry, designing, installing and supporting smart home technology that brings your environment to life. Satisfied customers living and working in spaces across the USA and around the world control light, temperature, music, video, security and communications easily and automatically, with the touch of a finger or simply by walking into the room.

Since our beginnings, LP Custom has seen home and office automation systems evolve from simple thermostats and dimmer switches to fully intelligent environments that think and respond to events, seasons, time-of-day, and even the individuals in the space. Working with hundred of happy customers, we have collaborated on taking the latest smart home technologies and putting them to work in homes, offices, warehouses, complexes, resorts, estates and watercraft. And it’s these same customers who invite us back and refer us to their friends and family, because they know LP Custom will provide again amazing automation and control, and even better service. We look forward to bringing the same to you.

Our Mission

From conception to long after installation, our architectural, engineering and service teams bring unmatched skills and expertise to every project. Working directly with architects, designers, contractors and manufacturers, we deliver construction-grade drawings and technical documentation for luxury home theater designs, HVAC controls, lighting, motorized installations and computer infrastructure. Our dedicated teams of technicians see to every detail of proper installation. And our Customer Care agents train users and maintain systems, assuring years of easy and reliable service.

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