Elevate Your Business with Leading-Edge Technology

From corporate to classroom, smart technology -- including security, AV, and Ketra smart lighting -- puts your business or institution above the rest in overall efficiency and experience. Explore the possibilities of working with a Control4 dealer below.

HVAC Control

Create the ideal business environment with intuitive climate control

Audio / Video

High-performance audio and video solutions create memorable spaces


Secure your business against unauthorized access, environmental damage and more with a state-of-the-art security system.

Wi-Fi / Networking

High-speed connections foster peak operations and communications

Integrated Building Control

Leverage a unified technology system to streamline operations

Commercial Automation

Maximize your business’ potential with leading-edge control and automation technology for any space.

Executive Conference Room

Presentation Technology

Motorized Window Treatments

Lighting Control

  • Presentation Technology

    Captivate your staff and clients with a high-performance 4K multimedia switching of local and remote sources outputted to displays and projection systems optimized for clarity.

  • Motorized Window Treatments

    Command every window treatment in an instant for controlled natural lighting, temperature regulation and furnishing protection from damaging UV rays.

  • Lighting Control

    Activate dynamic lighting and shading scenes that are optimized for the purpose of the meeting whether it be a live board meeting or a video conference with the team in San Francisco.


HVAC Control

Lighting Control


  • HVAC Control

    Maintain proper air conditioning and gym ventilation for a healthier environment with smart climate control that adjusts on its own and sends alerts when conditions reach undesired levels.

  • Lighting Control

    Transform the ambiance for high or low intensity exercise classes with dynamic one-touch scenes. Use vacancy sensors to turn lighting off when any space is not in use.

  • Wi-Fi

    Keep patrons coming back by providing fast, reliable wi-fi service as an exclusive perk for members while they exercise or relax in the spa.


outdoor automation, rec area, backyard, court

recessed LED Lighting

high definition projection video

Automated Window coverings

  • Surveillance

  • Lighting Control

  • Outdoor Audio

Restaurant / Bar

Distributed Audio

Video Displays

Lighting Control

  • Distributed Audio

    Effortlessly control the audio in every zone of your restaurant from one centralized touch screen to provide seamless listening enjoyment for your patrons.

  • Video Displays

    Broadcast the big game with state-of-the-art 4K displays that produce stunning picture both indoors and outdoors.

  • Lighting Control

    Elevate the dining experience from morning to night with dynamic scenes that adjust automatically while maintaining the perfect mood.


Distributed Audio

Access Control


  • Distributed Audio

    Give your brand a voice and increase add-on sales with strategically selected soundtracks that lift the spirits of your shoppers from the sales floor to the fitting room.

  • Access Control

    Protect your store with PIN or biometric entry for authorized users only. Receive alerts in real time when access is attempted and remotely manage entries to proactively maintain security.

  • Surveillance

    Analyze traffic patterns throughout your store to determine any inefficient shopping areas or foot congestion. Remotely monitor live or recorded footage for loiterers, intruders and vandals.

Condo Common Area


Lighting Control

Motorized Window Treatments

  • Wi-Fi

    Stand out among your competitors with a robust Wi-Fi network designed to support guest and resident access to high-speed connectivity with uncompromising security.

  • Lighting Control

    Install intuitive lighting control keypads in gyms, lobbies and meeting rooms for dynamic scenes that tenants and staff can adjust with ease.

  • Motorized Window Treatments

    Provide residents and staff one-touch control of shades and drapes to optimize natural lighting, regulate temperature and protect their privacy.

Condo Theater

Surround Sound

Projection System

Acoustic Treatments

  • Surround Sound

    Residents will love the 3D surround sound system that places them right into the action for a thrilling movie or video gaming experience from the comfort of their building.

  • Projection System

    Stunning visual clarity will be realized with 4K projection systems matched with the proper screens to deliver uncompromising entertainment experiences.

  • Acoustic Treatments

    Optimize the audio of every movie with precisely placed acoustic treatments that reduce reverberation and omit outside noise.

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