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The Top Three Benefits of an Audio Video Distribution System

Watch and Listen to Anything Throughout Your Home

The Top Three Benefits of an Audio Video Distribution System

Why might anyone need an audio-video distribution system?  Indeed, not everyone does. You might think that if you put a TV in every room and an audio system you can have audio and video in every location you desire, right?  Of course, that’s true, but depending on your lifestyle and décor maybe having multiple setups throughout your house isn’t the best way to have all your audio and video entertainment at your fingertips.

In this blog, we’ll explore the top benefits of an audio-video distribution system for your Fort Lauderdale home.  Spoiler alert – the main reason you’ll want one is the simplicity and consistency of accessing your entertainment in every room of your house – even outdoors. 

To find out the other reasons, just keep reading.

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Hide the Equipment

If you like your house to have a sleek and minimalist look – or you just don’t want to have electronics and speakers visible - then you will love what an audio-video distribution system does for your décor.  First, you can hide all your equipment in a cabinet or closet.  That includes electronics like cable boxes, Blu-ray players, Apple TVs, and music servers.  Their content is accessed and distributed throughout your home by an automation system like those from our partner Crestron.  Depending on your physical space and the setup, we custom rack-mount the equipment or neatly store it all with clearly labeled wiring in the cabinet or closet.  In rooms where you want to access your entertainment, all you need is a TV and speakers.  With minimalism in mind, you could use in-wall or in-ceiling speakers from our partner Sonance, and not intrude on your décor. 

Any Content, Anywhere

Another advantage of centralized and hidden equipment is sharing the feeds, especially for video.  If you want to watch a movie in the family room and finish it in bed, it’s easy with this system.  If the film is on a Blu-ray player, you can pause it and continue where you left off in your bedroom. The unified control system makes it easy to pick up any source and direct it to your bedroom TV. Better yet, with a Kaleidescape movie server, you can stop fiddling with discs, store all your movies in a digital library, and access them on any screen.  If you have cable or satellite TV, you can even save money on equipment fees by having fewer boxes, as you can distribute the video feed to multiple rooms. So if you have eight rooms with TVs – even in the screened pool patio outside – you don’t need eight boxes, you only need enough to for how many different channels or sources you can watch at the same time. 

For music, a distribution system is utter simplicity.  You can call up any favorite album or playlist from a variety of music streaming sources like Pandora or Spotify and direct the audio to any room or set of rooms.  Multiple family members can access the system, so the kids can be rocking out by the pool while you enjoy a podcast cleaning in the kitchen. 

Simple Control

In the beginning, we mentioned simplicity and consistency, and this might be the best reason of all to install an audio-video distribution system. We tend to accumulate different brands of AV equipment over time, with different interfaces and remote controls for each.  A whole home audio-video system unifies that control under one intuitive interface.  Plus, you get a choice of how you want to control your equipment. 

Even if you use multiple brands of TVs and other electronics, our Crestron control system makes it all easy to manage. Hide all those remotes and use your choice of control in each room.  If you like the feel of real buttons, use a button remote for the family room with the surround sound setup.  In the master bedroom, you could have a touchscreen by your bedside that controls your TV and music. When roaming the house, one app on your smartphone can be the remote.   And all of those controls can integrate other smart home technology with your entertainment, like smart thermostats, lighting, and motorized shades.  With smart assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, your system can even respond to your voice. 

Want to learn more? Contact us, or call us today at (954) 584-1729; we’d love to show you everything you can do with audio-video distribution.


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