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Rock the Boat With a Marine Audio System

Get Your Miami Groove On In Biscayne Bay

Rock the Boat With a Marine Audio System

One of the prizes of working hard all your life to achieve your dreams is being able to reward yourself.  In South Florida, few things signal your success as much as having your own boat.  And with all our waterways, the bay, and the ocean, we have almost limitless opportunities to enjoy our boats.

We also like our music in Miami.  In our unique Latin-infused culture, the music wants to make us get out and party.  What could be more fun than to celebrate your success by partying on your boat on Biscayne Bay?  There's just one thing you need – besides the boat of course.  That's a marine audio system that will rock everything from Pitbull’s Welcome to Miami to the Miami Sound Machines’ Conga. 

Read on to see how good your boat can sound. 

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Sport Boats

If your boat is a sport or ski boat, you need the kind of system that matches its performance.  Boat systems are similar to car audio systems, but sport boats have open cockpits, and there will be more ambient noise, even when just anchored.  If your boat has a tower for skiing and other water sports, tower speakers are a great choice.  Mounted above the listener, they can provide the perfect soundtracks to your weekend outing.  We highly recommend additional amplifiers to drive multiple speakers and to get the sound levels you need out on the water.  As in cars, boat head units that feature Bluetooth connectivity offer the convenience of streaming any audio through the system from your smartphone.

One main difference in boat audio is the speakers.  Marine audio speakers are treated and sealed to withstand the sun, heat, and moisture that they will be subjected to.  Some boats already come with speaker cutouts for mounting standard speaker sizes.  LP Custom Solutions can customize any boat with the type of sound system you prefer – laid back or thumping.  We highly recommend subwoofers too so your tunes will have the bass they need out on the water. 

Cruisers and Beyond

Larger boats have more options, and the most elaborate vessels have systems that can rival the ones in the best homes. One feature that can be fitted on a larger boat is an NMEA 2000 network.  This technology allows you to integrate boat electronics like audio and navigation on one high-speed network.  It's a great way to build a cohesive approach to controlling your boat’s features.  For example, for the audio system, you would have the brains of it all, the receiver, at the helm.  But you wouldn't want to have to go the hem to adjust volume or skip a track or change the source when you’re swimming out aft.  An NMEA 2000 backbone lets you install waterproof remote controls on the sun deck, or at the bow, or wherever you might need them.

Outside at the helm, you can use marine speakers and amplifiers for outside locations. If you have a cabin cruiser, you can get more elaborate with built-in interior speakers in sleeping quarters and galleys.  In larger craft, you may even want to incorporate automation systems that control lights, audio, and other functions, just like the ones we install in homes.

Want to learn more? Contact us, or call us today at (954) 584-1729; we’d love to show you all the options for marine audio.


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