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How Many Ways Can Lighting Control Enhance Your Life?

LP Custom Solutions illuminates the finer points of automated lighting

How Many Ways Can Lighting Control Enhance Your Life?

Looking for a simple way to improve your property appeal, make your life easier AND reduce your energy costs at the same time? Then LP Custom has your solution with lighting controls!

If you haven’t explored how a smart lighting system can add a whole new dimension to your life, consider: Imagine having your lights dim automatically, enacting preset “scenes”(like “dinner party” or “kid’s night”) so only the fixtures you need come on, in the colors you’ve set for that scene; imagine getting up at night and walking to the kitchen, and the lights in your path automatically fade on and off  so you don’t have to feel around for switches or startle anyone with excessively bright bulbs; or imagine your lights interacting with other systems in your Miami home such as motorized window shades, surveillance systems, thermostats and whole-house control and automation systems to maintain the temperature and economize energy use.

There are a multitude of systems available, in a variety of configurations and price points. LP can offer a fully-wired system if you’re building a home or addition or new office space. Or you can opt for a wireless system that transmits commands over radio frequency signals instead of wires. A combination of the two works for many projects. We’ll recommend a solution that makes the most sense for your expectations, including options for:

Outdoor lighting

With astronomical timer, lights turn on automatically at dusk and adjust the settings to coincide with the changing daily sunset.

Photocell Sensors

Placed near motorized window treatments, these sensors read how much natural light is entering a space and trigger the opening or closing of shades or drapes to harvest daylight while protecting your valuables from excessive sun exposure.

Lighting System Processors

A lighting control system often requires a main processor, or several processors, which are typically located in an equipment room. Some wireless lighting control systems also require processors.

Wireless Repeaters

These are often needed to ensure that commands sent by a wireless lighting control system are transmitted reliably. They are placed in various locations.

Whole-house or business lighting control systems are available from companies including Lutron and home control companies like Crestron. LP also offers a variety of lighting control products that employ wireless technologies.  And we’ll walk you through all the lighting options currently at your disposal.

Ready to get started? Give LP a call today, and let us configure a system that creates a whole-environment lighting system that lights up your life!

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